Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyers receive more than a tragic amount of car accident cases. Some of them cases are brought on behalf of people who died in car accidents while other cases are brought to them directly from victims who are suffering both physical and emotional problems after the accident. The lawyers job is to look at each case objectively, albeit compassionately, and then determine if they can help a client accomplish their goals through a lawsuit.

The first big worry of car accident victims in Indiana is usually how to recover from injuries while still paying off hefty medical bills. After all, if you can't work due to injury, you're going to obviously need some way to pay medical bills. Insurance rarely covers all of the many complex procedures that often need to be done after a car accident. Even when they do, they will fall tragically short of helping victims completely recover, both mentally and physically.

Car insurance companies frequently want to settle a car accident for far less than the person is owed. One handy tool in this situation is to use an accident calculator to estimate the amount of money you might be owed after a car accident in Indiana. Once you've seen the base amount you might be eligible for, you can determine whether to settle with an insurance company or not.

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If you were to guess the recipe for success by looking at the ways people handle the financial lives, you might come up with something like “Work hard, play hard”. North Americans have a reputation in parts of the rest of the world for working incredibly long and hard, for no ultimate purpose. Science seems to support this way of thinking.

As many career people have no savings for retirement, this perspective is further vindicated. It begs the question, “If you can only support your lifestyle by working insanely hard, what will you do when you can’t work like that anymore?” It’s an important question; if workers have no method to one day dismount the hard work hamster wheel, this creates great uncertainty for the future.

All of this implies that, perhaps, the solution for having trouble making ends meet is not to work harder, but to cut down on the cost of living.

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For a lot of us, flight delays can bring out the worst. You end up feeling tired and frustrated at best, and furious and ready to take revenge on the next person who crosses your path at worst. Flight delays are a huge headache for everyone, and even worse than a delay is a cancellation. Unfortunately, they’re also a part of flying. There’s plenty of upsides to flying the friendly skies, but also an abundance of potential downsides.

So whether it’s a Delta delay, an American delay or any other airline, how can you best deal with the situation?

Know Your Rights

Before you fly make sure you know your rights with that particular airline. A lot of people don’t feel empowered when they face a delay or a cancellation because they don’t know what their rights are as a passenger of that airline, or they may feel more empowered than they should based on what they signed off on.

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If you’re reading this it’s likely that you’re facing one of the most common issues related to service based business - getting paid on time.

Whether you’re just looking for ways to improve your process or if you have a forgetful client on your hands, consider these 8 tips to start getting your dough on time and without the hassle.

1. Incentivize them.

There are a few different ways that you can incentivize clients to pay their invoices faster. My particular favorite is to simply thank them in advance of the payment. This little hack sounds too simple to be effective, but I’ve found that showing appreciation for a timely payment before you receive it uses the psychological principle of reciprocity in a very effective way that doesn’t cost you anything.

Another way to incentivize clients to pay faster is to offer a marginal discount for paying early. This is often used for product based businesses that purchase large shipments from suppliers. The terms might state that payment is due within 30 days, but paying 10 days early will earn the client a 5% discount.

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