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How Google Motivates Their Employees Through Incentives PDF Print E-mail
Written by SLands   
Friday, 16 August 2013 01:42

You’d have to be living in the middle of nowhere to have never heard of Google. Even then, if there’s a cell phone connection you’d have no choice. Google is ubiquitous with the internet. They have their search engine, their browser, the cellphone and tablet operating system, and the list goes on. All of this is possible because of Google’s strategy to reward its employees and reward them well.

The Google campus is the stuff of legends, with a car wash, on-site doctor, gyms, and even laundry facilities. While all these things are fine examples of what makes Google worth working for and remaining with, the extrinsic rewards have also proven to be effective in keeping some of the best minds on the Google campus.

The Most Complete Store of Electronic Online Shopping PDF Print E-mail
Written by SLands   
Thursday, 15 August 2013 22:35

If you want to buy an electronic gadget, where you usually go? Are you still going to the electronic store that far away from your house only to get a radio or another electronic gadget? This is an era of internet where you buy those things you need without go to the store. Now here is the best way for you to go shopping some electronic stuff through online. Many people get helped due to electronic online shop because whatever you need, they will ready to serve you with many products of electronic stuff. You only need to type what electronic stuff that you want to buy and soon you will see the top list of the electronic stuff.

When you go shopping through online, you can read the specification of the electronic stuff that you want. Now you can have a deal with China wholesale electronic through online. You can get many electronic products with fewer budgets at ahappydeal China wholesale electronic. You can access the website through and get the real happy deal with the store. What kind of electronic stuff that they provide to you? You can get many electronic products such as cell phone, notebook , net book, laptop, computer peripheral, I-Phone, I-Pad, car electronics, LED flashlight, watches, cell phone accessories for many types and brands, camera, video recorder, and still many more products.

Why Music Streaming Trumps Downloading PDF Print E-mail
Written by SLands   
Tuesday, 30 July 2013 02:14

With the advent of the Internet came various ways of enjoying music. Now, you could watch music videos on sites like YouTube or stream music on sites like Pandora, Guvera, Spotify and so many others. Of course, if you want to own the newest album of your favorite artist, you have the option to download it.

Whether you plan to pay for that download or not, some people believe that streaming is so much better than actually downloading it. Here are some of the reasons why:

No Storage Problems
Perhaps, the biggest issue that people have when it comes to downloading music is storing it on their computers or mobile phones. The average amount of storage of computers all over the world is 500 GB. This has the capability to save over a million singles and that’s a lot of songs to listen to. The problem lies in your music library being mismanaged, getting corrupted, or worse, deleted.

5 Movie Locations in Asia You’ve Got to Visit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Josie Sampson   
Friday, 19 July 2013 01:12

From its impressive history to its cultural exoticism, every single bit of Asia has something to see – so it makes sense that moviemakers all over the world want to claim it forever on screen. Here we show you five of the most unmissable movie locations across the continent that you’re sure to recognise from the big screen. Visit them before you die!

Ko Phi Phi Leh, Thailand – The Beach (2000)

Surely a nominee in the contest for the most beautiful beach in the world, the Thai island of Ko Phi Phi Leh boasts Maya Bay, home to Danny Boyle’s paradise movie The Beach. Ko Phi Phi Leh has all the ingredients for the ultimate in beach bliss, from balmy weather to pure white sands and crystal clear waters, as well as that undiscovered quality. These days of course, it can get pretty busy – so your best bet is to head there early in the morning to secure a slice of this little heaven for yourself.

Brisbane’s Best Removal Service PDF Print E-mail
Written by SLands   
Thursday, 04 July 2013 00:37

When you are preparing to move to a new place, you know that it is a really big thing and also a milestone in your life. Moving is a sophisticated thing to do and off course, it is related with so many things to manage. One of the most crucial yet most frustrating things is the furniture removal. There are so many big stuffs to handle and move carefully and believe me, it isn’t a kind of job for amateur. You better seek for professional help to handle it.

Here in Brisbane, you can find long list of removal companies offering their service with interesting rate. But you can be sure that when you ask for recommendation from families or friends, most of them would love to recommend Flex Removals Brisbane. No wonder since this is the best removalist in town. This company has been specializing in furniture removal and transportation as well as comprehensive moving service designed for only one goal: to make your moving process an effective and hassle free experience. Their team of professionals will help you manage and plan the removal schedule and work to make sure that everything’s handled properly.

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