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Sunday, 25 November 2012 17:04

Tired of inane lists barking orders as to how exactly to make your holiday all it can be? Same here, so in the spirit of shaking things up a little and taking a new slant on the subject, here are ten sure-fire ways to destroy your holiday in spectacular style – the idea being you might want to do the exact opposite!

1. Forgetting Documents / Paperwork
There is no more terrifying sentence to utter or hear on the way to the airport than “Oh, I thought you had them!” or words to that effect. Yes, a holiday today demands ream after ream of paperwork, passports, ID and so on, but never for one second assume someone else is taking care of remembering them all – they probably assume you’re bringing them!

2. Nonchalance
“Half an hour? Ah, we’ve got plenty of time!” No you haven’t – you need to treat every flight and connection like there is nothing in the world of greater importance. What would you rather do – be bored for a couple of extra hours waiting at the airport or sit at home licking your wounds for two weeks after missing your flights?

3. Over-Celebrating
Overindulging at the airport bar will in the very best case scenario see you making a complete fool of yourself and spending two thirds of the flight queuing for the toilet. More likely though, your “hilarious” antics will get you banned form boarding the plane, your tickets cancelled and your family mortified beyond reparation…so go easy.

4. Assumption 1
Assumption is known for being the mother of all…well, you know. Here is it no different, therefore assume that the travel agent or online booking site has been 100% honest with its descriptions/pictures/maps/words and you have nobody to blame when the 5-Star resort by the beach you booked turns out to be a dodgy and run-down B&B next door to a landfill.

5. Assumption 2
And following on from the above, assume that the weather will be delightfully warm without a cloud in the sky and chances are you’ll be more than a little surprised by the arrival of monsoon rains and an ensuing hurricane. If you can’t take 30 seconds to look at a weather report online, you seal your own fate!

6. Disrespect
They say the best way to fit in and get along with the locals is to learn and adapt to their customs. A better piece of advice would be to simply avoid the “Brits Abroad” behaviour model at all costs – it won’t do you any favours anywhere, unless maybe self catering in Cornwall on a stag do.

7. Mistimed Jokes
Telling the airport staff your suitcase is full of semtex and your banana is really a gun is hilarious – until they delay the flight for 3-hours while they remove your bag, carry out a controlled explosion and send you to court for your troubles…great, huh?

8. Ignore the Law
Just because it’s legal in Cambodia doesn’t mean it’s allowed in the UK – bring back anything more than you know you’re allowed and chances are it’ll be a while before you actually get home!

9. Skip Insurance
£10 for a week-long insurance policy? Criminally overpriced or what? If you’re among the millions sharing this way of thinking, just pray you aren’t among the one in ten travellers that ends up having to call on their insurance for to turn £10 into at least £100,000 of cover.

10. Doubt your Convictions
If you’re not exactly sure that your teenager can be entirely trusted or your chosen home-sitter has one too many tattoos of burning bodies on his face, maybe look to someone else to keep an eye on things for you. Otherwise, you risk spending most of your holiday on the phone checking up and the rest of the time looking for a phone with which to once again check up…fun!

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