The age of the sitcom and episodic drama is over. Now, many popular television shows are more like long movies with each episode built onto the last as it works toward a compelling climax. There are dozens of amazing new programs from both premium and regular cable channels. Here are the top five shows to look out for in the coming months:

1.) The Walking Dead. Based on a popular graphic novel, just completed its second season and fans are already clamoring for its return. Combining zombie survival with complex character-driven narratives and lots of intrigue, The Walking Dead is one of the most innovative revivals of horror on television. Even more interesting is the show''s interactive fan site and talk show, The Talking Dead, which encourages viewers to chime in with opinions and speculation.

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A complete casting special episode is all set to air on the food network on the 12th May which will set the pace for the new and amazing food network start season eight 2012. This hit series of a cookery show competition is one of the most successful shows in the primetime history. And when you watch the three mentors- Bobby Flay, Alton Brown and Giada de laurentiis finalizing the last eight in the must awaited casting special the millions will definitely be up for the two hour premier on the 13th May.

A five finalist team will be mentored by the three television producers and then as they move from one step to another in the form of competitions a winner will be selected. Although the last vote is of the audience and the viewers which will be announced on the 22nd July finale the mentors are sure to keep a strict tab on each participant and train them in the finest culinary and kitchen skills. A 9pm ET/PT slot works well for this popular series which has been loved by millions.

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