In a failed secret mission in 22079, Agent Snow (Guy Pearce) is considered to do betrayal to the US government party and he is threatened to get imprisonment at a prison space named M.S. One. This jail is a place where high profile prisoners placed. In this prison, the prisoners are drugged sleep in a storage box until their sentence is done.

On different situation, US president’s daughter named Emilie Warnock (Maggie Grace) is visiting M.S One for humanitarian mission. This visit changes to be a disaster when one of prisoners successfully opens the prison access and hostage Emilie.

Snow who at previous time get threatened to be sent to the jail, finally get an offer to do rescue mission of president’s daughter to make amends. Snow decides to take the offer in order to be able meeting his friend, Mace (Tim Plester) in M.S.One. For Snow, Mace is a key to reveal the truth about his case.

Although the Snow’s character is very cool, he is the most reliable secret agent and totally loyal to his country. For Snow, this rescue mission is the usual task used to be done by him. Snow is more attracted to meet Mace to make his problem clear. In that way, he can reveal the mastermind of his failed mission.

The tension is increasingly felt after 500 prisoners in M.S. One control the prison and wildly kill all security officers. Moreover, the one of them get attracted to Emilie that makes the mission get more difficult.

Not only that, the time given to Snow to save Emilie is much shorter because government party decides to explode M.S One because it is considered too risky when the jail gets felt on the earth.

Even though Lockout movie is full of tension and sadistic murders, the cool character of Snow is believed to be able to change the viewers’ panic to be laugh from the ridiculous actions in spite of in the critical situation. Overall, the movie with 95 duration is able to satisfy the viewers especially action genre moreover with Guy Pearce’s acting that is always interesting.

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