Are you stuck in an entertainment rut? Premium cable channels are more popular than ever with new television shows, movies, and documentaries garnering the attentions of the world. HBO has Game of Thrones, and the new Robert Durst documentary, The Jinx. Showtime has Penny Dreadful, and the political thriller Homeland. Cinemax and Starz have some amazing content as well.

There’s really no need to go out to the movies or seek out entertainment venues, when these channels offer so much that is readily accessible from your remote control. Accessing these sources is a mere click away from instantaneous and 24-hour entertainment. There are a lot of cable deals on the market, and many offer premium channels free for a limited time. For example, offers HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz free for 3 months. Three months is plenty of time to sample the content, get hooked, and never go back to basic programming again. 

Listed below are the premium channels that every bored television watcher needs to watch.

1. HBO provides consumers premium entertainment 24 hours a day across America, and many other countries. It’s the most popular premium network in the industry due to its incredible content and versatility. Each month, HBO releases box office hit movies, as well as other popular films. 

HBO is also home to several original award-winning TV shows, such as True Detective, Game of Thrones, and Boardwalk Empire. There are entertainment options for the whole family, including many educational and fun programming, such as Crashbox and Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child. 

2. Owned by HBO, Cinemax prides itself on offering TV watchers a place to see hit new movies, especially on Saturday night when a new movie is premiered each week. Considered it the go-to place for hit movies, cinematic aficionados can find almost any movie genre available at any specific time, especially when they include on demand with their cable packages. 

Cinemax recently got into the original series game with Banshee and The Knick. Both shows are crowd pleasers, especially Golden Globe nominated The Knick. The Knick tells the story of a surgeon whose career aspiration is to improve childbirth. It’s the 1900s and the setting is New York’s very own Knickerbocker Hospital. Throw in some habitual drug use, and it’s clear this memorable drama will continue garnering awards and pleasing fans.

3. Showtime provides critically acclaimed and award-winning original series, including the all-new Penny Dreadful. It’s also home to some groundbreaking documentaries and comedic specials. The documentary invites viewers on a strange journey into the Dominican Republic’s Christian behavior modification program for struggling American youths. For some comedic relief, check out Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy.

Showtime is responsible for the wonderful entertainment programming offered by The Movie Channel and Flix. “Brace yourself” and “Hold on tight;” that’s Showtime’s slogan.

4. Starz is home to several original series that not only break convention, including the ever-popular Outlander series. It also provides viewers with plenty of movies, which capture audiences’ everywhere. Starz provides over 50 million subscribers premium video programming on domestic US pay television channels. Regardless of your personal preferences, Starz is bound to have exactly what you are looking for at a moment’s notice. 

In terms of original programming, Starz is up-and-coming with new hits, such as Black Sailsand Da Vinci’s Demons.

There’s really no contest between regular programming and premium programming. If you’re looking for something great to watch on television, the best is what’s on HBO, and the others are up-and-coming in terms of awesome original content and other entertainment values.

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