One of the first major stumbling blocks any aspiring film maker is likely to encounter is working out how to get noticed when they’ve just started out. It is often said that talent will find a way through and of course the better the product you’re offering, the easier it is to sell. The more you plan and prepare beforehand, the smoother the film making experience will be. It will also be a lot easier to pull in investment for your film if you are able to present a detailed overview of the project, the characters, story, setting. etc. Below are some words of advice for beginning work on your first film.

Write A Full Treatment

When inspiration strikes, be it in the form of character, story, or other ideas, it is tempting to dive right in and start creating straight away. However, making things up on the hoof is difficult, especially when dealing with a couple hundred pages of script. Without any pre-planning, the writer must remember the various plot strands and decide how to resolve them as they write, which takes the focus away from the writing itself.

A treatment is like a synopsis, but much more detailed. Whereas a synopsis describes the premise of a film in order to entice potential viewers, a treatment, on the other hand, lays out the film from start to finish so those who ultimately work on the film can see its structure and understand the progression of the story from start to finish, without having to read through the entire script.

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Few tech companies have achieved that coveted level of fame and notoriety that leads to the verbalization (in this case the becoming of a verb, rather than the verbalizing of) a company name. We no longer “search the Web”; we “Google”. In many cities, it’s just a common to “call for an Uber” than a cab. Since its inception as a video-rental by mail operation, Netflix has blossomed in to an industry leader in home-streaming as well as the legitimate producer of high quality entertainment itself.

For the last decade Netflix has focused on the home-streaming market, a market that when Netflix almost invented it in 2007 was such a niche and hitherto unexplored method of content delivery that it had not yet occurred to anyone to marry the two. Netflix rose from its modest roots in delivering DVD rentals to people’s front doors to delivering video content in to people’s homes over the internet and on to a variety of devices. The seismic shifts in the landscape resulting from Netflix’s sudden and dramatic reshaping of it have had a profound effect on movies themselves as well as the platforms through which they are delivered to consumers.

Truly On Demand

Initially, services like Netflix who operated DVD rental by mail would advertise the service as ‘on-demand’ and it could have been given the current technological limitations, but there were often long delays between ordering and receiving a film, particularly in the more rural parts of the United States. As internet speeds steadily increased throughout the early 21st century, the percentage of internet owners with packages capable of delivering feature length films on demand grew and grew. The advent of the technology itself was entirely predictable, the media applications for ever higher bandwidth data streaming had been a topic of discussion for quite some time.

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Kickboxing is a sport that is used for self-defense, fitness, or for sparring between multiple people. Performed standing up, kickboxing borrows from Muy Thai and Karate and can be a dangerous weapon. In most movies, kickboxing is a powerful tool to help the hero and those around him. 

From 1989 to 2008, some movies about kickboxing gained a lot of attention, both as movies that show kickboxing and that tell a story with that kickboxing. From gritty and violent to slightly less so, here are five films that I recommend watching if you enjoy watching films about kickboxing or martial arts.

Ong-Bak and Chok-Dee

In 2003, Tony Jaa starred in Ong-Bak, a film that uses Thai kickboxing to great effect. It not only has action and great stunts it is a callback to older movies from the 1980s. Tony Jaa performed his own stunts and trained for four years in Muay Boran to prepare for his role. Muay Boran is the form martial arts that came before Muay Thai. This is the technical term for the kickboxing used in the film and is held up as one of the first movies of its kind to use this style of fighting.

Released in 2005, Chok-Dee is a French film about a kickboxer who studies Muay Thai. After getting out of prison, he tries to compete in kickboxing competitions. Starring Dida Diafat and Bernard Giraudeau, this is another solid kickboxing film.

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There are some interesting movies coming out this year. The sequels to the best movies are soon going to be released. How much longer can you wait? If you enjoy the thrill and adventures that movies give you be sure to go through -  where you can play bingo online and cruise through the Drive In 90 Ball bingo room and check out the latest blockbusters like the Progressive Jackpot!

Horrors, Action, Comedy, Romance, or Amination? There are loads of movie genres, though most people have their personal preferences as to what they like to watch. Let’s look at some movies that are to be out soon!

Everything, Everything- 19th May,2017: Directed by Stella Meghie this romance based movie is about a teenager that struggles with her life when she meets the boy next door. Maddie’s life has revolved around her house, her mother, her nurse and home schooling since young. Maddie is set on exploring, but soon her adventures go down a rough path.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales- 24th May, 2017-  Captain Salazar has it out for Captain Jack Sparrow in the fifth sequel of the movie. Back with his dead crew that had escaped the Bermuda Triangle, they are bent on killing all the pirates at sea, but a specific one. Sparrow’s only hope for survival forces him to form an alliance with Carina the astronomer. Will he survive?

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