If you are Canadian, you're lucky enough to live in a country with a long and eclectic tradition of folk music. In terms of traditional music that is associated with Canada's native population, there is a long history of drum circles and throat singing. Recently the Inuk throat singer, Tanya Tagaq, won the Polaris Music Prize with an experimental album called Animism. The Canadian group Tribe Called Red has also grown quite popular performing and recording traditional drum music paired with electronic samples; they even perform with live traditional dancers in headdress. Carrying traditional music into the contemporary age is an extremely challenging but worthwhile quest that helps us understand our roots.

In addition to the traditional music of Canada's native population, there is also a rich tradition of folk music that grew out of the music of Celtic settlers from Scotland and Ireland. Cape Breton style fiddle, in a particular is a well loved subgenre of world music that is famous the world over. Notable performers include The Rankin Family, Rita Macneiland Ashley MacIsaac, all of whom grew up in Nova Scotia and borrowed generously from the genre.

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In an age of Netflix and flexible, on-demand television, the notion of spoilers seems somewhat out-dated.

The proliferation of digital media means that it is always possible to access plot twists ahead of time, however, while social media is often a hotbed of informed rumours and potential narratives. 

As if this was not enough, postal brand ParcelsPlease.com recently created a Halloween service that sent spoilers directly to unsuspecting recipients, with people selecting specific television programs to create the utmost disruption.

Even if you didn’t receive an offending parcel, the threat of plot spoilers is one that remains unchecked. So, how can you avoid spoilers and continue to enjoy your favourite shows in peace? Let’s take a look:

Make binge-watching a thing

With Netflix established as the king of on-demand TV, it should come as no surprise that this platform is home to a huge volume of popular shows. 

Netflix has also developed a unique way to beat spoilers, by releasing some titles as complete series and allowing viewers to watch them in one sitting.

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Movie theater owners have a problem when it comes to getting their seats occupied. Home experience has become so good that it is easier to access movies than before than people doesn’t feel the need to travel all the way to a cinema. So in order to make more money, cinema owners needs to think out of the box.

Only 15 percent is used of the total capacity in cinemas which is shocking statistic for many of us. News forums like Tamil Cinema News are of the view that loyalty of entertainment consumer industry has been plummeting down. In order to protect your cinema business from falling down, follow the simple five steps listed below:

1. Reward moviegoers

You need to increase loyalty of your customers. Theatres now have find hundred different reasons to boost their ticket prices. When 3-D came into the picture, there was an average increase of $3 per ticket. It is high time for cinema owners to realize the fact that they need to reward their customers through discounted rates or other offers which will attract more customers increasing their loyalty. 

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One of the first major stumbling blocks any aspiring film maker is likely to encounter is working out how to get noticed when they’ve just started out. It is often said that talent will find a way through and of course the better the product you’re offering, the easier it is to sell. The more you plan and prepare beforehand, the smoother the film making experience will be. It will also be a lot easier to pull in investment for your film if you are able to present a detailed overview of the project, the characters, story, setting. etc. Below are some words of advice for beginning work on your first film.

Write A Full Treatment

When inspiration strikes, be it in the form of character, story, or other ideas, it is tempting to dive right in and start creating straight away. However, making things up on the hoof is difficult, especially when dealing with a couple hundred pages of script. Without any pre-planning, the writer must remember the various plot strands and decide how to resolve them as they write, which takes the focus away from the writing itself.

A treatment is like a synopsis, but much more detailed. Whereas a synopsis describes the premise of a film in order to entice potential viewers, a treatment, on the other hand, lays out the film from start to finish so those who ultimately work on the film can see its structure and understand the progression of the story from start to finish, without having to read through the entire script.

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