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Saturday, 24 November 2012 10:42

When it comes to finding potential Brisbane car buyers for your automobile, it pays to make sure the vehicle is as attractive as possible. Along with making sure the car is in proper running condition and that the body is free of dings and other issues, you also want to apply a little spit and polish to the inside and the outside of the car. In other words, you want to have the car cleaned and detailed before presenting it to any potential buyer. Doing so will greatly enhance the potential for selling the vehicle at the price you have in mind.

What Goes In To Detailing a Car?

Before considering the merits of detailing, it helps to understand what is meant by the term. At its core, car detailing is all about cleaning every surface found on the inside and outside of the vehicle. The idea is to remove every bit of dirt or grime so that the car is perfectly clean and gleaming. Even the areas that normally don’t receive a lot of attention during a routine car wash are examined closely and cleaned until they shine.

With exterior detailing, the focus is on washing and waxing the body of the vehicle. From there, attention is paid to the tires, making sure that they are also cleaned and shining. All the windows are also cleaning carefully, taking care to remove even any residue found around the edges. The detailing will extend to cleaning around the tires and the areas under the front and rear bumpers. When the job is done correctly, the paint job will shine and the car will look as if it has been kept in a protected environment since leaving the showroom floor.

Engine detailing is also part of the process. This involves using specifically designed cleansers to remove the buildup of grime on the engine surface. When the job is finished, the engine will look very much the way it did when the car was first manufactured.

Interior detailing involves a thorough cleaning of the dashboard, the inside area of the windows and the nooks and crannies found on the seats, under the dash and any recessed areas on the doors. Even a cleaning of the liner overhead is a must. The seats and carpeting are also steam cleaned, leaving them looking and feeling fresh. Even the runners near each door are cleaned, along with the door portions that cannot be seen when the doors are closed.

Why Go to the Trouble?

As all Brisbane car buyers will tell you, there is only one opportunity to make the right first impression. As a buyer approaches the car, the fact that is well kept and spotless provides the motivation to consider the merits of the vehicle a little more intently. When the door is opened and the buyer looks inside, finding an interior that is clean and fresh smelling helps to reinforce that original perception of a vehicle that is well maintained. The fact that the car is so clean will often be enough to motivate the buyer to ask for a test drive.

Assuming the car performs well during the test drive, expect for the buyer to want a look under the hood. This is where the engine detailing comes in handy. A clean engine further reinforces the idea that the car has been taken care of and may be enough to motivate the buyer to submit an offer.

Don’t underestimate the value of car detailing. This approach makes it possible to show the car in the best possible light and hold the attention of buyers long enough to complete the sale. While detailing does cost a little, see if as an investment that you eventually recoup when the buyer agrees to a price that is at or near the price you originally set.

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