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Diesel Will Surpass Gasoline as the Top Worldwide Transportation Oil In 2020 PDF Print E-mail
Written by SLands   
Monday, 09 December 2013 00:29

In the year 2040, 70% of cars will be run by diesel. As the cost of petrol continues to rise, consumers will be more drawn to diesel vehicles. However; by 2020 across the world the main fuel used will be diesel, according to a recently issued report.

Heavy-duty vehicles currently consume 14% of the world’s fuel. But, this number is expected to reach 40% in 2040. Four-fifths of this development is going to originate from developing nations. The aviation and marine industries are use around 20% of the world’s fuel currently. It is expected that the number will reach 25% by 2040.

Currently, it is estimated that across the world there are 800 million vehicles. In 2040, this number is likely to double. However, only half of those vehicles are expected to be powered by diesel and petrol as more energy-efficient vehicles become more widespread.

Car Value Calculation: Ways to Keep your Cars Value PDF Print E-mail
Written by SLands   
Saturday, 21 September 2013 00:51

Depreciating car values are among the many inescapable facts of life. But like death and taxes, the quality of the experience comes down to your personal approach, the attitude you take into the affair. Treat your car positively and its values remain positive. Too simple and good to be true, but it is. Here's how to turn this easy, great technique into a real-world benefit.

For Better or Worse
Despite your vehicle has no sentience or soul, it still flourishes or diminishes under your care. Treat it like a good friend. Give it attention and quality time, and watch it return the favor down the line.

Car values can be broken into two categories: actual value and perceived value. Both can affect how large a return you eventually reap for your car. Perceived value is subjective, but actual value is inarguable.

Looking At Bobcat Mini Diggers And Excavators PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mark   
Thursday, 13 June 2013 05:40

The Bobcat lineup of mini diggers is designed for when simple shovel and manpower just isn't going to cut it. The smaller digger, which is a reduced size over what a larger construction site might require, is able to give locally owned construction crews the ability to improve production, speed up prep time at a site and keep workers out of harms way when the location or task is a bit to dangerous for traditional works to enter. The Bobcat is one particular manufacturer of mini diggers and it uses several different features to ensure not only the quality of work but that everyone in and around the mini digger is safe and secure.

For anyone who might consider shopping around for a mini digger or excavator, the performance is very important. Bobcat offers up 11 different models of its popular M-series excavators, ranging in size, the tail swing and what tasks it is able to perform. For a single individual who is just looking for some compact help, the 418 Compact Excavator is able to fit into tight locations and has zero tail swing, so there is no worry about potentially striking a local building or catching utility equipment nearby. At times, a simple shovel is just not possible and a bit more torque is needed. Whether attempting to pull up packed in clay around a housing unit or a sidewalk needs to be brought up around the edge of a property, the smaller compact option is good for minimal jobs.

Data Fuel Tank Recalls For Ford PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mark   
Thursday, 13 June 2013 05:32

There is one word no automotive company likes to hear at all and possibly sends shivers down the spines of the corporation's CEOs: recall. While problems do occur with vehicles and there sometimes just isn't anything that can be done until later, larger recalls have the potential of costing a company millions upon millions of euros, dollars or pounds (depending on where the recall and company is based out of). Such a large recall just occurred for the Ford Motor Company, as Ford announced its need to recall 465,000 vehicles due to a fuel leak.

Many Models Are Affected

Generally, when a recall takes place it is centered around one particular vehicle or model base. However, in the case of the latest Ford recall, just about every 2013 model in its fleet is affected. Studies performed by the Ford Motor Company found fuel tanks inside many of the most popular vehicles can actually leak and lead to potential fires. This takes place throughout the world, whether the Ford model car is sold in London, New York, Sydney, Beijing or any place else. The different models affected by the recall are the Ford Fusion, Explorer, Taurus, Flex and the Police Utility and Police Interceptor. The recall also moves over to the Lincoln lineup from Ford, such as the MKS, MKT and the MKZ. The recall taking place is only based on 2013 models, so owners of older models do not have to worry about taking the car in.

5 Features That All Moms Would Like To Have In Their Cars PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jordan Perch   
Tuesday, 11 June 2013 03:48

Mothers can be pretty picky when it comes to buying a car. They have very specific wishes regarding a car's color, interior materials, or convenience features, and they don't pay a lot of attention to a car's performances. The most important thing for moms is to feel safe and comfortable while driving their cars, and to have abundant room for storing their luggage when going on a family road trip. Safety is also one of the priorities, as well as features that can keep the kids entertained, so items like child safety locks, DVD players, cup holders, high storage capacity and a spacious interior are some of the features that a car must have to be suitable for a mother.

Child Safety Locks

This is perhaps the first thing mothers think about when they need to decide which car to buy. A car must have child safety locks, so that a mom doesn't have to worry about her kid's safety while driving. They are built in a car's rear doors, and you can activate them by hitting a switch or a button that you can find on the edge of the door while it's open. This means that if you activate the safety lock, your kid won't be able to open the rear doors using the handles, which a lot of kids tend to do, be it intentionally or unintentionally.

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